Does My Battery Need to Get Replaced Now?

Your engine has a difficult job to perform. While it works at the heavy task of moving your vehicle, it also runs the accessories that provide modern conveniences such as air conditioning, power steering, and power-assisted brakes. To support your engine, you need a healthy, robust power source to fire up your electric starter, give spark to your spark plugs, and light your path ahead. The modern multiple cell, lead-acid battery will perform its duty for many years and cycles, but eventually, wears with usage.

A difficult start on a cooler day, erratic engine performance once running, or a dimmer horn and lights may be signs of a waning battery. The modern vehicle may contain quite a lot of computers which operate solely off the performance of this power source, making a battery that provides too little power precarious. To diagnose the issue or to find if preemptive maintenance would be wise visit our service department at Giles Automotive, where a battery check only takes a few moments.

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