The Best Time to Inspect & Replace Your Tires?

The time to replace your tires is before all the tread is worn away, but there could be other instances where trouble could be on the horizon. Here are a few things you should consider pertaining to the health of your car tires.

Look closely at the tires for worn spots. These are troublesome for a number of reasons, most importantly it limits the cars ability to stop quickly. That being said, worn spots make it more challenging for the car to grip the surface of the road at higher speeds.

Cracks in the tread are an indication of a bigger issue with the tires and should be looked at by a service professional sooner than later for safety reasons.

Bulges in the tire might suggest the tire is close to failing.

Bring the car to Giles Automotive so we can inspect all the tires before sending you on your way.

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