Make Holiday Food Transport Stress-Free

Driving to see family for the holidays can cause you enough stress and anxiety. Driving with food in the car can make those feelings more intense. If you have an interior that is cleanable with a rag and cleaner, you will not stress as much. If you have an interior that does not clean well, this can cause you to panic each time you hit a bump. Traveling with food doesn’t have to be stressful. You can drive to see family during the holidays without freaking out each time that you hit a bump.

While traveling, the idea is to keep the food in a container that does not require you to hold the container the whole trip. If you want an easy way to keep the containers in the upright position, try placing a cardboard box in the rear of the car. By keeping a box in the car, it won’t matter if it’s just for you to bring something home or to keep all food safe during the transport.

Use towels or newspaper to line your box. This will enable you to quickly soak up any liquids that mess up the interior. You can also use electrical/masking tape or plastic wrap to secure lids to food dishes. From the Giles Automotive family to yours, we wish you a cheery start to the winter holiday season!

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