Pass the gas stations by in the 2018 Nissan LEAF

Are you planning a trip to New Orleans? Whether you are going for a weekend getaway to watch Drew Brees throw touchdown passes or you're just heading downtown to meet with some friends, you can make the trip without the cost of gasoline. The 2018 Nissan LEAF can now make it 150 miles on one charge, easily enough to make it to a Saints game.

The first step in the relaunch of Nissan's EV platform returns in 2018 with a new designed look, more interior technology and the ability to go 150-miles on a single charge, coming with a price tag under $30,000.

The LEAF has the new ProPILOT Assist as standard equipment, which enhances the driving experience by making vehicles more intelligent and exciting. With the use of a forward-facing camera, forward-facing radar and electronic control module, the LEAF can help you stay in the center of the lane and help set the gap between it and the vehicle it follows. In traffic, the LEAF has the ability to stop automatically in traffic jams, like traffic jams caused by people driving to a game.

The 2018 LEAF is expected to arrive at the beginning of next year. If you want more information about Nissan's EV technology or want to see any of our Nissan vehicles in stock, contact us today by phone or online with Live Chat through our website.

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