Need an Oil Change? Stop by Our Service Center!

In addition to our vast selection of vehicles that we have at Giles Automotive, ranging from Nissan, Subaru to Volvo, we also can provide your vehicle with a quality oil change at our experienced service center.

If you have a hard time remembering when the last time was that you got an oil change for your car, you may want to make an appointment with our trained technicians. Why is it important to get an oil change at the recommended interval specified in your owner’s manual? Well, there are numerous reasons. For instance, motor oil has different vital roles to play when it comes to the overall health of your vehicle’s engine.

After you get an oil change, the motor oil has the right amount of lubrication to keep the fast-paced moving parts of your vehicle’s engine running smoothly. If it has been quite some time since your last oil change, the lubrication may have worn away, and friction can be occurring. This isn’t good for your car’s engine, as it can make the engine work harder than necessary; leading to damage in the future. Because oil also cleans the engine, if it doesn’t get changed, then all of the debris that gets into it can get lodged and cause a sludgy consistency to form and ultimately have the ability to hurt your car’s engine.

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