Learn More About the History of Horsepower

Horsepower was developed in the eighteenth century but is still an important unit of measurement today. James Watt had recently developed a new steam engine that was superior to anything on the market. He tried to convince buyers to give this new machine a try, but they were skeptical. They had already seen the failures of past steam engines and weren't willing to replace their faithful horses with an unknown engine.

Determined to overcome customer fears, Watt decided to create a unit of measurement that could accurately compare the engine to horses. After close consideration and calculations, Watt created the horsepower. A horsepower was defined as the power of a horse to move 33,000 pounds of goods one foot in a minute. With this new unit of measurement, Watt was able to convince buyers to take a chance on his new machine. He was so successful that competitors also used horsepower in their advertisements.

The term is still used today, and our staff members are eager to explore the range of vehicle strength in our new inventory. You can learn more about horsepower at Giles Automotive!

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