Pay Attention to Your Tire Pressure Sensor

Has your tire pressure sensor gone off inside of your car and are you unaware of what you should do to fix this issue? We have a knowledgeable staff of service technicians at the Giles Automotive auto service facilities that are ready to help diagnose the problem as soon as you bring your vehicle in. It could be something that is really simple to fix, like adding some air to your tires. If there is a more in-depth problem that we need to discuss, we have the know how to do that as well.

Aside from low or high air pressure in your tires, there are some other really common issues that we see when it comes to tire pressure sensors. A lot of people will have new tires put on their vehicle or have some sort of work done to the tire area of their car. If something got moved around a bit or became damaged, the sensors will not function properly, either. Consider our destinations when your tire pressure sensor illuminates!

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