Proper Car Battery Maintenance Boosts Your Safety

Jumper cables are able to transfer energy to different batteries, so motorists must implement proper procedures to ensure safety during a battery charging routine. When practical steps are taken while jump starting a battery, sparks won't generate throughout the maintenance process.

In order to jump start a battery, you'll need to park another vehicle near the compartment where the drained battery is mounted. In most cases, an 18-inch gap will give you enough space for the jumper cable. Before clamping the cables on the terminals, thoroughly inspect the ports. Most car manufacturers place a color-coded housing on each terminal spot so that a motorist can easily mount jump cable clamps in the proper locations. Once the lines are secured on a terminal, don't hold the other clamps near one another because they will generate electricity. After the clamps are mount on both terminals, the drained battery will slowly charge while the other car's engine runs.

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