Stay Updated with the Slow Down and Move Over Laws

There have been a set of laws put in place all throughout America, every state has their own version of them, but all of them boil down to the same intent. These laws are called the 'Slow Down & Move Over' laws, and they are put in place to offer extra safety for workers on the side of the road.

This can include police officers doing a traffic stop or emergency services at a crash site as well as tow-truck operators and municipal or other roadside workers doing their jobs. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, over 150 officers has been struck and killed since 1997. Similarly, the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition reports that over 200 roadside workers are struck and killed annually while doing their duty. 71% of Americans are unaware of these important laws, according to a national poll done by Mason Dixon Polling & Research.

All of us here at Giles Automotive want to help spread the knowledge of these important laws, so be sure to drive safely.

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