What is the Importance of a Dash Cam?

At our dealership, we want the very best for our customers and care about the safety of their vehicles. Installing a dashboard camera is just one way to improve your driving experience.

In the event of a fender bender, it's helpful to have a factual account of what happened. Dash cams are an ideal way to record events that otherwise might have conflicting accounts. Some insurance companies even offer a slight discount for customers who have a dash cam in their vehicle. Avoiding fraudulent claims by another motorist, having a factual account of what transpired to present in court and even making a record of your road trip are just some of the benefits of installing a dash cam.

Visit Giles Automotive, where our skilled staff of mechanics can keep your car in optimal condition at all times. They can also help to advise you about and assist you with installing a dash cam in your vehicle.



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