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Internet on the Road – The Many Features of Modern Infotainment Systems

We value safety on the roads of Lafayette, but at the same time, we find it difficult to unplug ourselves from the modern digital world even when driving. We rely on the Internet for so much – communications, multimedia, and of course, navigation. Once, we had to rely on looking at our smart phones while driving to make use of all of this, even if it was mounted on the dashboard. This wasn’t safe, and modern safety regulations have prohibited many implementations of this.

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Driving Tools That Increase Safety in Sunny Environments

When the sun is shining on a highway, the UV rays can affect overall safety. The biggest problem is glare because this type of light can make the process of viewing the surroundings a hassle. In order to stay safe on a road while the sun is setting, you'll need to use a few safety accessories immediately after you notice bright light on the windshield.

Because the sun can produce intense light directly in front of a car and along the side windows, you'll need a solution that can shield your eyes as you steer your vehicle along…

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Stay Updated with the Slow Down and Move Over Laws

There have been a set of laws put in place all throughout America, every state has their own version of them, but all of them boil down to the same intent. These laws are called the 'Slow Down & Move Over' laws, and they are put in place to offer extra safety for workers on the side of the road.

This can include police officers doing a traffic stop or emergency services at…

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Need an Oil Change? Stop by Our Service Center!

In addition to our vast selection of vehicles that we have at Giles Automotive, ranging from Nissan, Subaru to Volvo, we also can provide your vehicle with a quality oil change at our experienced service center.

If you have a hard time remembering when the last time was that you got an oil change for your car, you may want to make an appointment with our trained technicians. Why is it important to get an oil change at the recommended interval specified in your owner’s manual? Well, there are numerous reasons...

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New Nissan Cars, Trucks, and SUVs in Lafayette, LA!

Innovation that excites can be your today at Giles Automotive. We have an extensive inventory of new Nissan models available right now. Drivers trust Nissan’s legacy of dependability and performance to help conquer the road. Our inventory features reliable sedans, durable trucks, and versatile SUVs all coming with incredible features and style to help you tackle the day ahead.


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Explore Our Variety of Service Specials at Giles Automotive

It can become quite overwhelming when you think about all of the necessary services you need to get done to your vehicle in order to keep it in immaculate condition. At Giles Automotive, we have a terrific service center with experienced technicians to perform the maintenance needed on your vehicle. To assist with having a reliable vehicle, we can help you with some of the necessary services like tire rotations, oil changes, multi-point inspections, brake repairs, and much more...

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Get Your New Volvo Here in Lafayette, LA!

Swedish style and innovation combine to make Volvo one of the most trusted auto brands on the road. With a lineup of luxury cars and SUVs packing incredible performance and innovation, Volvo continues to set the standard for its luxury brand competitors. Giles Automotive has new Volvo models in stock and ready for you. We have an extensive selection of models and sales professionals ready to assist you with your purchase. Style and sophistication can be yours in a new Volvo from Giles Automotive today.

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Your New Subaru Awaits in Lafayette, LA!

Subaru is known for its dedication to performance and reliability. These models are built to perform and last for years to come. This legendary auto brand has an award-winning lineup of cars and SUVs that will help you tackle the highways and byways. Whether you’re conquering your daily commute or taking an off-road expedition, Subaru will not disappoint.


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Does My Battery Need to Get Replaced Now?

Your engine has a difficult job to perform. While it works at the heavy task of moving your vehicle, it also runs the accessories that provide modern conveniences such as air conditioning, power steering, and power-assisted brakes. To support your engine, you need a healthy, robust power source to fire up your electric starter, give spark to your spark plugs, and light your path ahead. The modern multiple cell, lead-acid battery will perform its duty for many years and cycles, but eventually, wears with usage...

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Should You Repair or Replace Damaged Windshield?

Your car's windshield protects you from wind, rain, hail, sun, and other weather conditions. Certainly, the windshield seems sturdy and is made with tough auto glass that must pass high standards of safety. Still, events happen that might cause a crack in the windshield. Take a look at the damage on the windshield. Much depends on the size of the damage. Is the crack large or barely noticeable when you look at it?...

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