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Subaru: Perfect for Drivers of Any Age

It’s funny to watch how much kids want to be like grownups, isn’t it? They are especially fascinated with driving cars and how it would feel to sit behind the wheel.

Take this five year-old boy, for instance.

What a rough time he would have had. Better to stick with the batter operated car for a little longer! We loved the expression on his face though, and his incredulity when other cars were honking at him.


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Subaru Legacy: Longest-Lasting in its Class

Have you ever had a day when everything you touched seem to break, fall apart or get knocked over? You may have referred to yourself as butterfingers. What if every day was like that, though?

Poor kid! It’s easy to see how he’d get discouraged though some of his mishaps were pretty funny. Here at Giles Automotive, we’re proud to offer an extensive lineup of new Subaru vehicles, including the Subaru Legacy. Did you know before watching this commercial that the Legacy is the longest-lasting sedan in its class?


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