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Internet on the Road – The Many Features of Modern Infotainment Systems

We value safety on the roads of Lafayette, but at the same time, we find it difficult to unplug ourselves from the modern digital world even when driving. We rely on the Internet for so much – communications, multimedia, and of course, navigation. Once, we had to rely on looking at our smart phones while driving to make use of all of this, even if it was mounted on the dashboard. This wasn’t safe, and modern safety regulations have prohibited many implementations of this.

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Driving Tools That Increase Safety in Sunny Environments

When the sun is shining on a highway, the UV rays can affect overall safety. The biggest problem is glare because this type of light can make the process of viewing the surroundings a hassle. In order to stay safe on a road while the sun is setting, you'll need to use a few safety accessories immediately after you notice bright light on the windshield.

Because the sun can produce intense light directly in front of a car and along the side windows, you'll need a solution that can shield your eyes as you steer your vehicle along…

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Learn More About the History of Horsepower

Horsepower was developed in the eighteenth century but is still an important unit of measurement today. James Watt had recently developed a new steam engine that was superior to anything on the market. He tried to convince buyers to give this new machine a try, but they were skeptical. They had already seen the failures of past steam engines and weren't willing to replace their faithful horses with an unknown engine.

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Is All-Wheel or Four-Wheel Drive Best for Your Needs?

When most of us think about all-wheel or four-wheel drive, we think of jeeps in mud or, climbing the side of a mountain in a blizzard. Our staff members at Giles Automotive would like to explain these features, and, how they can benefit the average driver every day. Adventurer or not, these features are designed to keep our families’ safety in any type of scenario. Of course, they do provide additional traction, leading to better vehicle handling.

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