We value safety on the roads of Lafayette, but at the same time, we find it difficult to unplug ourselves from the modern digital world even when driving. We rely on the Internet for so much – communications, multimedia, and of course, navigation. Once, we had to rely on looking at our smart phones while driving to make use of all of this, even if it was mounted on the dashboard. This wasn’t safe, and modern safety regulations have prohibited many implementations of this.

Contemporary infotainment systems have a leave to this problem. This is a term that many have heard, but aren’t entirely familiar with. In all reality, this terminology came along in the 1980s to refer to that part of the console where climate control, gauge readouts and sell system controls existed. It has become a far more useful term to describe digital dashboard displays integrating GPS, vehicle readouts, Internet access and of course the many forms of digital communications.

To fully experience the intricacies and importance of a solid infotainment system in a modern vehicle, come visit us at Giles Automotive today. We are eager to show you this technology.

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