The team at Giles Automotive are proud to showcase the all-new Volvo XC60. This popular luxury compact SUV has an abundance of useful safety features that make driving safer for all motorists.

The Lane-Keeping system was designed to help assist the driver when they become distracted behind the wheel. If the Volvo XC60 were to start drifting out of the lane lines, this is when the system recognizes trouble and starts vibrating the steering wheel so that the driver will have adequate time to get back control of their vehicle.

The Cross-Traffic Alert system will help a driver while they travel back. Shift the new Volvo XC60 into reverse, rear sensors send out a radar pulse in both directions, identifying oncoming traffic and alerting you by either sound or visual warnings. These warnings give you plenty of time to take the appropriate action to avoid an accident without waiting until the last second.

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