Volvo S90: Versatile Sedan with Scandinavian Heritage

The Volvo S90 is one of the most versatile sedans in the United States. Ask Giles Automotive about the convenient amenities that are available in the Momentum, Inscription, and other trims.

The glove compartment in this luxurious Volvo sedan has innovative features that aren't available in comparable models. For example, cool air flows into this versatile storage section on the passenger's side. You can also lock the glove compartment with a compatible electronic or mechanical key. Additionally, powerful LED lights fully illuminate every corner of this unit.

The Volvo S90 model also has several driving aides that make you less prone to hazardous situations. When you select the rear gear, the Park Assist technology measures the distance to any obstacles that are in the way. This feature also reduces the volume of the sound system as you back up in order to emphasize the beeping alerts in the instrument panel.

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