The Nissan LEAF Always Keeps Its Eyes on the Road

The Nissan LEAF is a stylish and intelligent electric vehicle. This popular and emission-free electric vehicle gives drivers and passengers access to many useful safety-enhancing technology features. Included in this list of features is the Nissan Intelligent Forward Collision system as well as the LEAF Intelligent Cruise Control service.

One of the biggest reasons for front and rear end collisions is lack of adequate driver awareness. The Nissan LEAF is aware of this driver predilection, and it helps to forestall possible future impacts by employing the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system. This proprietary technology employs special cameras and sensors to study the roadways ahead of the vehicle. Capable of reading conditions up to two vehicles ahead, this system can identify abrupt vehicle decelerations and pre-warn drivers of this danger.

Another technology that works much like the above-mentioned system is the Nissan LEAF Intelligent Cruise Control service. Unlike older styles of cruise control that could simply maintain one speed, the Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control service can actually take over a number of driver-centric functions. For example, this technology can keep the vehicle moving with the flow of traffic, hit the brakes if traffic slows down, and then hit the throttle to reestablish highway speeds.

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