Carry More Cargo in the Nissan Titan

When you're in the market for a pickup, it's often because of the storage space in the bed. But when you need to store valuables or more delicate items as you're driving around, interior storage is a must — and that's where the Nissan Titan shines. With its clever design, this popular full-size pickup truck has room for all of your belongings.

Under the rear seat of the Titan, you'll find a hidden storage tray. Built with multiple compartments, this tray holds everything from wallets to tools. Fold-down the seat to conceal the compartment. Plus, since the cover locks, your supplies stay safe and sound.

Need to carry extra cargo in the cab of the Nissan Titan? No problem. The cover of the cargo organizer folds out into a flat floor — that way, you have a stable space for loading in boxes or bags of groceries. See these storage options in action by stopping in for a test drive at Giles Automotive.

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