What Car Wax is and Why You Should Be Using It

Properly maintaining the exterior of your car is about far more than preserving overall vehicle aesthetics. Certain forms of vehicle maintenance can actually protect your auto from corrosion and other types of structural damage. Lafayette, LA area drivers can keep their cars protected and looking their best by regularly using car wax. At Giles Automotive, we want motorists to know exactly what car wax is and why it's so important.

Wax is All About Protection

Wax is a special, protective coating that can be added to your vehicle at the very end of the cleaning and polishing process. This coating places a reliable barrier between your car's clearcoat and the natural elements. It can also protect against UV rays, moisture, and airborne particles.

How Car Wax is Made

In general, wax is a hard, room temperature hydrocarbon. It can be largely comprised of natural wax that's found on the leaves of special plants, or it can be derived from coal. There are also silicone waxes and other synthetic car waxes on the market. To make these products more malleable, car waxes are infused with solvents and oils that thin them out. This allows for a seamless and highly effective application. To learn more about car wax or to have your vehicle professional waxed, drop by Giles Automotive for service.

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