Don't let glare from the sun impair your driving. While you may never have perfect visibility, there are a number of ways you can minimize your risk. Let's look at a few ways you can reduce glare and drive safer.

Keep your car ready for sunny days and high glare. Clean your windshield regularly. Do both the inside and the outside. Clear, clean glass helps reduce glare. While cleaning the glass, check for any cracks or chips. If you find any, have the windshield fixed or replaced. Light refracts through any distortion in the glass, creating glare.

Always wear polarized sunglasses when driving on bright days. They help minimize the amount of light that hits your eyes. Stay further back from cars up ahead. You need extra reaction time when the glare is hitting your eyes. When you're ready to upgrade your ride, take a test drive here at Giles Automotive in Lafayette, LA.

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