Our team at Giles Automotive wants you to have as much information as possible regarding car accessories, such as floor mats. While floor mats may seem like an inconsequential detail, choosing the right floor mat can improve the looks of your vehicle and add ease in keeping your vehicle looking as good as possible. Pay us a visit for more information.

Carpet mats look and feel great but are also more difficult to clean. If you have pets or children with dirty feet coming and going from your vehicle, rubber mats may be your best option. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, snow, or sleet, rubber mats may also be the best choice. Carpet mats are typically chosen for luxury or show cars.

If you’re still uncertain as to what type of floor mats will work best for your vehicle, stop at our store in Lafayette, LA. We offer a full supply of automotive accessories and are here to help.

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