There are several unique performance features that make the Nissan Kicks a bit more appealing. In particular, Lafayette, LA drivers are likely to be excited about Intelligent Engine Brake and Hill Start Assist. The former is quite handy when it comes to cornering and deceleration. The latter is useful for dealing with steep local hills or inclines.

Next, we must discuss the stellar powertrain of the Nissan Kicks. It includes not only a 1.6-liter engine but also a smooth Xtronic CVT transmission. CVT actually means Continuously Variable Transmission, and it makes driving the subcompact Nissan Kicks a better experience.

The Nissan Kicks is actually quite nimble with regard to handling, and its steering is remarkably responsive. Thankfully, the electric power steering of the Nissan Kicks is speed-sensitive and serves the Nissan Kicks very well. Here at Giles Automotive, we find the Nissan Kicks to be a very appealing subcompact vehicle.

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